Hi, I'm Jonny Wilson

A music teacher (probably like you) changed my life. 

I was then inspired to be like that teacher to as many young people as possible.

In 2009 with 30 students learning in an old shed, I set out to build the music school that I wished existed when I was a young person.

Fast forward a few years and those 30 students turned into New Zealand's largest private music school of 2000+ students and 50+ team members. 

After 11 years, on December 19th, 2020 I successfully sold my music school, handed over the keys and stepped into the role of Chairman of the board for the charitable foundation I set up many years earlier.  

The Goodtime Foundation provides free music scholarships and mentoring to our city's most disadvantaged youth.

My mission has always been to run a profitable business that also makes a positive difference in the community

Receiving the awards below was a humbling experience and a proud moment where we were recognised for our success in both aspects of that mission. 


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