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When music schools break for holidays, the cash dries up. 
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  • You'll get a 50-step guide to create/improve your summer camps [without the costly mistakes]

  • Actual Music Studio owners giving expert ideas and advice across all areas of running a summer camp, staffing, scheduling, terms and conditions etc...all in a curated video course for quick learning!

  • Easily organise your¬†schedule with the massive library of summer camp activities!

  • AND you will learn how to fill up¬†your camps with amazing marketing examples - posters, promo videos, landing pages, websites, strategies and more!

Why should you continually lose income while your students attend other  holiday camps every school break?

Start making the income you deserve by monetising existing clients, attracting new life-long customers AND developing a simple, guaranteed new income stream that delivers year on year.

Can you imagine the difference 8 new weeks of profits would make to your business? 

Kevin in Alberquerqe increased profits whilst decreasing hours. His clubs kill it EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

He and 18 other Experts will show YOU how in this stunning course...

Not convinced yet? Check out what is waiting for you in the Successful Summer Camps Course...

  • The custom made cash generating holiday club that fits YOU. There‚Äôs no ‚Äėone-size fits all‚Äô approach. Choose from literally dozens of options and structures that have one thing in common ‚Äď they sell out.
  • Why variety is key and is the secret that keeps kids (and parents) coming back for more.
  • The secrets behind ‚Äėmagnetic‚Äô activities that keep retention¬†SKY-HIGH¬†(Hint: they‚Äôre not all musical..)
  • The Boy Scout / Girl Scout hack that others¬†completely miss.
  • How Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars and the Olympics might be just the thing your teaching practice needs.
  • Why you don‚Äôt have to settle for one camp when multiples are on a plate for you!
  • How the ‚Äėearly drop‚Äô off upsell is the easiest cash you‚Äôll make.

  • Why public performances are an absolute must.
  • Whether the ‚Äėrinse and repeat‚Äô or the ‚Äėmix and match‚Äô method is your new best friend.
  • How evening camps are always overlooked but¬†extremely cash flow positive.
  • A step by step walkthrough of a variety of formats that kill it so YOU can too.
  • A tried and tested timetable just waiting to put dollars in your pocket.
  • A day in the life of the perfect holiday club.
  • A minute by minute breakdown so you just can‚Äôt go wrong.
  • Why the cash bonus ‚Äėafter camp care‚Äô is as easy as flicking a switch.

  • How to boost your enrolment speed with promotion techniques that ALWAYS convert.
  • Why you should never sleep on January and February.
  • How early bird discounts and vouchers are guaranteed to pad the bottom line.
  • The 'Raffle Prize' hack that always delivers new customers.
  • Why you must¬†'go big or go home' when it comes to email & text marketing.
  • How to never leave money on the table again when you uncover YOUR pricing sweet spot.
  • How an ‚ÄėIntro camp‚Äô can be a budget option that repays in spades in the long run.
  • Why Year #1 can be high cost but year on year, high profits.
  • Why small price increases are an absolute no brainer.
  • Why high student numbers is key to high retention.
  • How teenagers and interns might be your most overlooked resource.
  • The perfect student ratio that makes for stress-free fun.
  • Ironclad T&Cs that are proven to protect you long term.
  • Enrolment processes that make life easy, cancellation policies that keep you in the black, why experience is key but supplementing is vital
    and much, much more...

Why should you listen to me?

JONNY WILSON - Founder of the 'Build a Music School' Membership

I took my music studio of 30 students and scaled it to 2,000 STUDENTS per week!  And a team of 60. 

I created an online music education program that has reached over 100,000 children worldwide and counting AND a charitable trust provides free lessons and mentoring to at-risk youth through through the  hundreds of thousands of dollars it generates. 

I don't keep this expertise to myself. Through the 'Build a Music School' Membership, myself, my team and the #BAMSQUAD community has helped transform the lives of hundreds of music academy owners, helping each other solve tough universal problems and inspiring success.

We have helped turn around hundreds struggling music teaching businesses, through systems and practices that can transform yours too.