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Interviews with top
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music studios

Interviews with top
teachers & academy owners
from across the world

Meet Jim Korakis

Owner of Good Life Music & Media lessons

What’s the name of your teaching studio?

 Good Life Music & Media lessons - a Tulsa arts academy


What inspired you to start?

 Good Life Music & Media Lessons is a Tulsa arts academy inspired by mentorship to provide a professional experience for kids.   

 What instruments do you teach? 

We teach Piano, Drums, Guitar, Voice, Violin, Band, Production, DJ, Celebrity Sessions, Performance coaching, Songwriting & Film Scoring. As a specialized Tulsa arts academy we also provide training in Python Coding (math), Animation (arts), and Unreal/Unity Game Design (sciences) with supporting courses in typing, intro to video, intro to photography and VR environments.


What ages do you teach?

We teach ages starting at 4-years-old and primarily ages 7-17.


Who’s a favourite musician/band that’s inspired you?

 Michael Jackson and Tulsa, Oklahoma’s own Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.


How is Good Life Music & Media Lessons - a Tulsa arts academy - different to how you learned as a beginner?

Compared to the classic music-lesson experience, our music school is more technically advanced and relevant in traditional and commercial environments, as well as in performance. We provide the connectivity and the confidence to succeed in the professional world of music and media.


What’s something about your music school you’re really proud of?

Our unique programming as a Tulsa arts academy is the recipient of U.S. Congressional recognition from the Administrator of NASA in Washington D.C. We are the most awarded school in Oklahoma rated #1 for music lessons by Americantowns Media, and have won first place in 2019 & 2020 at the annual Tulsa University Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference.   


What advice do you give to parents looking for a great teacher for their child? 

It is important for a child’s teacher to be an example of personal success in the industry they teach. If a teacher has put together what it takes to succeed in their discipline and in life, you have much more than a teacher. You have a mentor - someone who’s been where you’re going. Having such is the ultimate learning experience that pays all of life’s dividends. At our music school we have a saying: “More than learning an instrument or computer skills, students learn to be truly instrumental."


What’s something you see successful students doing that new students need to know?

 Lessons for 40 minutes per week, four times per month, is 32 hours of learning per year. Mastering anything in life takes 10,000 hours. Successful students learn to practice at least 1 hour consistently every day. Without fail or distraction. The key to practicing even more and becoming the very best is falling in love with what you love to do. So at our music school we spend all our time helping students fall in love with learning. Then they have a passion to learn all on their own for countless hours to achieve the very best of themselves. 


What opportunities does Good Life Music & Media Lessons - a Tulsa arts academy - offer students beyond lessons?

 LIVE show events on highly professional stages, Open Mic opportunities monthly, Award certificates and trophies, Medal awards of Gold/Silver/Bronze, Donation concerts where students perform for hospitalized children, seniors and those in need of encouragement, Music video recordings, Original music recordings setup on sales and streaming platforms, Gaming competitions, and more. 


What’s the big vision for Good Life Music & Media Lessons - a Tulsa arts academy? Where are you headed in the next few years? 

With our online curriculum Good Life Music & Media Lessons will expand its Tulsa arts academy services to additional cities in Oklahoma, as well as throughout the USA, where cities win the opportunity to build a physical location based on online enrollment. We are also integrating giant touch screen technology for our worldwide classroom connectivity. And we are in the development stages of building our own Digital Theater in Oklahoma.