How to get an endless stream enquiries without blindly spending money

In this MasterClass you'll discover...

 The 4 ways you're overpaying on adverts without even knowing it and how to fix it, so you can invest that money back into your business.

✔ Exactly what it's costing you to get each new student through Facebook and how to lower that cost.

✔ The creative ways to run ads that most studio owners don't know about.

✔ How to fix an under performing Facebook ad with our troubleshooting guide, saving you the frustration of not knowing where you went wrong. 


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"Your Facebook training has gotten me 30 new trial students in 1.5 months. It's unreal!"

Courtney Downes

- Mad Hatter Music AUSTRALIA

"I just got 10 new leads this week for about $5 each. Amazing!"

Daniel Cullen

Rawk U School of Music USA

"Never in a million years did I think I could get 100 leads in 10 days. GAME ON! 90 more calls to make tomorrow!"

Nick Tucker 

- Spark School of Music  USA


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