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The #BAMSQUAD is the world’s leading membership programme for private music teachers & academy owners.

We give you the tools to build a music school you’ll be proud of - one that inspires countless young people and makes a difference while generating you a six or multiple six-figure lifestyle.

Hear from real studio owners about how the #BAMSQUAD has revolutionised their business & given them the tools to increase their income, reduce stress & have a greater impact.


Meet Build a Music School’s Founder, Jonny Wilson

  • In less than 10 years, his music school grew from 30 to 2,000 students and a team of over 50+ people
  • Winner of Young Business Person of the Year (2017)
  • Winner of the Local Hero Medal in the New Zealander of the Year (2012)
  • Winner of the regional Arts & Culture award for his city (2015)
  • Now chairman of ‘The Goodtime Foundation’, providing free music tuition and mentoring to underprivileged kids

Before joining the #BAMSQUAD I was literally flying by the seat of my pants, desperate for some guidance. I no longer have that constant feeling of anxiety about my business. I have a plan and know where I’m going.

Megan Spiller 
The Studio. Music Academy

I used to be stressed out talking about my school. I have learned to refocus and I am now in a more relaxed and balanced space. The #BAMSQUAD is the best investment you’ll ever make. I can’t speak highly enough about it.

Katie Gallagher 
Gallagher School of Music and Drama

When I joined the #BAMSQUAD I had 130 students, 6 months later we had grown to 230. My wife has noticed I’ve got my life back. It’s truly changed my family and my life.

Nick Tucker
Spark School of Music

The #BAMSQUAD is mind-blowing. It has drastically increased my customer numbers and student retention. I’ve been in a lot of music school programmes and this is head and shoulders above anyone else.

Chris Schafer
Music Tech Studios

Behind the Scenes

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Membership Overview

Here’s a brief overview of what you will gain access to as a #BAMSQUAD member

Our signature course will walk you through every step of building a successful music teaching business from the ground up. Get access to the training and resources that will shortcut many painful mistakes and set you up for success. 

Get the behind the scenes look at the marketing tactics we used to grow our music school to 2,000 students.Get access to the resources for you to implement effective marketing quickly in your studio to ensure every dollar counts. 

Get your curriculum kick-started with over 20 books that you can edit and re-brand as your own. Whether you sell or give them away, you’ll look more professional and have more structure to your students' success.

Very few business owners love writing documents and procedures. You’ll save thousands of hours with our easy to customise templates. Now you can put your time back into the stuff you’re most passionate about.

Get access to everything you need to hire, train and develop a winning team that will help build the music studio of your dreams. There are templates for you to personalise and training programmes to put your team through.

24/7 Access to the rest of the #BAMSQUAD members. Get your questions answered, share your wins, get a behind the scenes look at other studios and get access to more bonus training.

Want to dig deeper into a challenge you’re facing? Then get Jonny's help and submit your questions for the LIVE Q&A sessions. You can join live and chat or watch the replay. 

Never struggle again with using Facebook to attract students and position your studio as the go-to place to learn. After this course you’ll have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of the Facebook ads platform, plus you'll have access to a huge range of ready-to-go adverts.

Get templates and training that will empower you to run the financial side of your business. Everything is created in Google docs, making it easier for you to personalise. You’ll love the automated graphs that allow you to feel in control of your financial position at all times. 

Want to impress your students and their parents? Provide them with professional video demonstrations of all the beginner workbooks so they can practise at home. Get unlimited free logins for you and your students. 

Good design is expensive. Let us save you money by providing you with a library of designs for you to personalise for your studio. Includes advertising campaigns, student competitions, social media content, posters, marketing videos, high quality images and more.

Watch in-depth interviews with key members of Jonny's team and other experts. Topics vary on a range of issues, from commercial properties to funding and sponsorship, to building a school show team or an admin team.

Get access to photos, videos and animations so you never have to think too hard about your next advertising campaign. Everything is designed by industry professionals and there is a library of advert copy examples written for you to tweak and load.

Jonny has built 3 successful online memberships in the music education space. Now there is a full course to show you how to build your own online membership or course and scale it around the world. 

Rad Rhythm is an incredible programme that teaches kids how to build percussion pieces on easy-to-access items. Use it to create Rad Rhythm classes in your studio or gift it to  schools in your area, helping you build relationships. It's all free and part of the programme.

To help you implement the content there are downloads and printable worksheets. Take a selfie when they’re completed and celebrate your wins with the rest of the #BAMSQUAD!

Want to listen to in the car, at the gym or while you’re doing your chores? Access your #BAMSQUAD library from your phone. You can even view all the downloads with one easy click.

Twice a year we have our #BAMSQUAD Awards Ceremony to celebrate our members' wins and to give out great prizes. Not only that, we also love to surprise our #BAMSQUAD with gifts along the way.


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